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A matter of order. Order! Order!

Aren't commonplaces useful, like, especially to avoid the pain of free thought? If you are a liberated woman, then of course you must be a feminist; if you think you belong to a working class, whatever that means these days --or whatever makes you think you're any different from others--, then what more could you really be in life than a bitter leftie with a "historical debt" to claim? Oh, isn't the world unfair? Well, compared to what? Kindly wear a helmet in case it isn't and, if you must insist on trying to "change things", please do start with your socks.
Enough of that. For now... Where was I? Order! Ah, yes: If you're a Basque, then nationalism has to be embedded into your sacro-sanct identity? What else would you need an identity for? How indeed can anyone call themselves Basques if they allow into their DNA any shade of a doubt about Navarre being part of the Basken Vaterland. In no time questioning anything will be treated as idiotic, for one will get literally killed for merely posing a question --got my prophet pants on now. Under such circumstances philosophy or mere independent thought will necessarily be a rebellious activity. One wonders if we are not there already.

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