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Spanish omelette "secret-no-more" recipe


5 medium size potatoes
Sunflower oil
1/2 big Spanish onion
4 eggs

Deep fry thinly sliced potatoes (a tiny bit thicker than for crisps) in sunflower oil. Add the onions finely chopped.
Tip: Wait until the oil is very hot before adding the potatoes.

Meanwhile whisk the eggs with a fork in a bowl.
Tip: Whisk the eggs with a fork.

When the potatoes are tender, drain them and the onion and add them to the bowl.
Mix the eggs with the potatoes+onion.
Tip: Leave the mixture to rest for a few minutes.

In another frying pan (or the same one empty) add a few drops of oil.
Suggestion: You can also use olive oil here.

Wait until it is very hot and add the mixture of egg+potato+onion.
Important: Wait until the oil is very hot or your omelette will glue to your pan and you won't be able to turn it around.

Lower the temperature of ring and leave to cook until the egg in that side is cooked. Turn around with a plate, and do the other side.

And that's it folks!! Any comments and corrections from my Spanish friends are welcome (with a lot of rage, but welcome anyway) :-D


  1. Sunflower oil? That really is asking for trouble. Are you trying to provoke me? Why not margarine? Jeez, Druid, at least tell them Barbarians to let the fried potatoes cool down before they mix them with the egg. Otherwise it's a Wicklow omelette.

  2. Try it and then you can judge for yourself. It worked for my granny for years!!

  3. You did open a controversial issue; and by the way it was a Galician cook, Amparo, who taught me. She also diced the potatoes.

  4. My Galician recipe seems to have been a success in North Co. Dublin. No es de las más elaboradas, pero es sencilla y sabe bien, ¿qué más quieres Baldomero?

  5. Are you sure it isn't Co. Wicklow. Aw well, as long as you don't de-construct it like your man Ferrán and charge 60 € a slice.