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And the Ugly Chilean Miner of the Year 2010 Award Goes to...

Or: just a sorry excuse to check if chronical offliners can still blog from some pretty Madrileño's iPhone.


  1. Chilen People is ugly and nigger.. who cares?

  2. Fucking niggers!! i hate Chilean people!! they are africans bitchs

  3. Wow, apparently you have double personalities. Who cares, you say? Well, obviously you do. I'm also worried about your choice of date. You wouldn't be Chilean yourself, would you. I mean, it takes one to hate one that much. Keep that darkness at bay & long live niggaz worldwide. No irony here.

  4. Its actually very funny the way those comments are focus. First because they don't care about human life or feelings.. Imagine being one of them, without the proper education and the only way to feed your family its working as miner..Thats how people must think before write stupid and selfish stuff about somebody else's life, don't you think?
    I'd like to add too im Chilean and what people think about our culture or country its prob' wrong. We are not the most arrogant or racist people of South America, but we have the best economy. Also there's heaps of peruvians, and few more others especially in Santiago so as you can see we are not the "black niggers" you think, and if we are, what's the issue? Do you think the fact to be white its good? white people fucked up societies, kingdoms, traditions, etc. That's worst to have dark skin and black hair buddy. At least this black niggers have enough knowledge to respect each other for the persons they are, and now how they look like.
    So learn about ethics too and stop being an ignorant prick buddy, because South America its still a paradise compared to where you live.

  5. Estas feas caras (¡humanas, demasiado humanas!) me recuerdan todo lo que se rezó para que los sacaran de aquel infierno con vida. Pero sólo con oraciones se habrían quedado en él. ¡Viva la ciencia!

  6. Anthony:
    1)Just in case that you don't know, Chile is one of the countries were less niggers (that term is quite awful) arrived.
    2)So what If there were African descendants here?
    3)Most Chilean people are mestizos (the mix of white and indigenous people).
    4)There are lots of Europeans and European descendants here.
    5)Don't think I'm writing all of this because you are offending me (I'm ridiculously pale and I come from a German family), I'm doing it because racism is stupid, just like excessive nationalism and imperialism, which are some of the main reasons why the world is so fucked up.
    6)You seem to have some problems with orthography, do you want a "fucking African bitch" to correct you?

  7. Stop bitching against Chileans. These dudes were very poor miners, some of them didn't even have tap water at home. 1/3 of them have some andean ethinicity which is considered foreign in most of Chile.
    I bet you can stop by any ghetto in Mexico or Detroit, and I guarantee you'll find the same surreal faces.

    Bottom line is, never base your picture of a country by their sport teams, homeless or fashion models.