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Implied Order according to Persse McGarrigle from Limerick

'Have you ever thought, Angelica,' said Persse, 'what a remarkable thing it is that the moon and the sun look to our eyes approximately the same size? [...] The odds against its happening like that by chance must be billions to one.'
'You don't think it was chance?'
'I think it's one of the great proofs of a divine creator'


  1. If that is so, then why did God create Saturn's four moons in different sizes? To try our faith, I'm guessing.

  2. Chaos Reigns13/08/2012, 09:50

    Never mind faith tests. The very existence of the Moon originates in a random ocurrence (asteroid impacts Earth) to start with. The Moon being there does not imply that it necessarily HAS to be there, for it may very well not be there at all (goodbye mussels).
    So relax, it all boils down to random chaos in the end. One has to be Irish or worse to ignore this fact.

  3. You mean goodbye goose barnacles. The moon looks the same size as the sun because being 400 times and a half smaller, it is 400 times and a half bigger. What's God got to do with that?