El Mundo Today


A City Corner

At a busy business corner

In a hectic city

I sat and observed.

On the street I observed the yellow

Chris-cross patterns where cars don’t stop

And people dangerously rush across

As I continually observed and cars swerved.

A suited man with pink tie crossed as I could imagine

The jeep to match his tie. He rushed across with mobile

Attached to his middle ear and his lap top weighing

Him down. Alone he was running over the dead yellow

Chris-cross patterns resembling his soul, unnoticed,

Never exposed in living colour as we all rush to

Desire’s meeting place far away.

Straight in front of me was a telephone kiosk that said

Pay by coins or card. A heart walks never to stay

Or lay as a rock as lard drips off a rich man and

The poor man stares back like a skeleton trapped in

His bones. We’re all displaying a fever about nothing

As the soul unnoticed tries to find its way, always

Asking for something to say in the bend and wind

Of our life’s inhaling traffic and the wailing price

We have to pay to walk, run and talk

With our fellow man.

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