El Mundo Today


A Sea Anemone and I in a bar in Germany

Look over there

at that corner of the ocean!

We tried to name it:

We classified it in Phylum Oceania

or some shit like that.

Now I wonder did that

sea anemone over in the corner, cares

or bothered to even see me.

Under his blue ozone stealth

over urban wealth I heard a call.

It wasn't lreland! There was no "last orders".

We were in Bavaria looking for the ocean I think.

I said to myself I would drink to this sea anemone's


I raised my glass

and cheerfully voiced out: "PROST!!!"

There was a long silence in the bar.

Mind! I was Irish and rather drunk.

Norm from Cheers would be proud

but not as loud.

At last he answered.

It was awful.

Red faced and vexed he shouted: "FUCK OFF!!!!"

If I was sober and my friends on earth were not over fishing cod
I'd understand why.

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